The following are testimonials provided by the Buyers and Sellers that have worked with Kelly B.

For privacy, the names and addresses of the person(s) that have used Kelly B as their real estate agent and provided feedback or testimonial have not been included.  Each bullet represents an individual transaction:

 "Kelly helped me from start to finish.  Kelly was there every step of the way." 

 "Both of these ladies (Kelly Boutilier and Terry Hope-Watson) were so wonderful it made the whole experience so much easier than past attempts with other companies I had experienced. Both ladies kept me constantly up to date on what was happening." 

 "Kelly went over and above as our agent.  Extremely professional, personable and possesses a whatever-it-takes attitude.  From trudging across the ice to braving a 5 foot waves in water just recently vacated by ice resulting in drenched and frozen areas of the body that just shouldn't be icy - Kelly is a trooper.  Her positive nature, ability to dig for answers, her timely replies - even at 11 pm at night and resourceful nature kept us moving forward in our purchase process where it very easily could have gone off the rail with all the roadblocks that were thrown at us.  100% top notch.  We would 100% recommend Kelly to anyone looking in the area to buy or sell.  Kelly-you are a star...and now a friend." 

 "Between my wife and I, we have bought 6 houses over the years.  Kelly is far and beyond the most helpful real estate professional we have dealt with.  Kelly made herself available at all times.  We were travelling from out of town for weeks in a row and looked at a large number of properties.  She always made us feel important.  Kelly will get all of our future business, and anyone who asks will be directed towards her." 

"She is hard working and friendly.  She is honest. She used several different methods of marketing. She is calm, responsive and respected our wishes. She is a decent human being."

"Kelly went above and beyond with the amount of service she provided. Very quick to message/call me when I had questions.  [What did you like most about working with your Sales Rep?] The amount of effort put into getting us the perfect house."

"She wasn't satisfied until we were and we appreciated that immensely.  Kelly was very professional and always on the ball.  Anytime we had a question or concern she would get back to us very quickly and was always helpful.  We would definitely recommend her to any first time buyers such as ourselves."

"Kelly was very helpful in explaining anything we asked about.  Very pleasant to work with."

Testimonials that are included on this website are real testimonials.  My client names have been withheld for their privacy.  Verification can be provided.  Just ask!

Testimonials that are included on this website are real testimonials.  My client names have been withheld for their privacy.  Verification can be provided.  Just ask!